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Having a maid might sound like a luxury to some, but for full time workers, especially married couples with kids, it would be necessity. In many Third World countries, including Malaysia, it's quite common for middle-income households to have an in-house maid. These maids can keep the house clean, helping with household chores like cooking or doing laundry, taking care of the kids, and many others.

However, you cannot just hire a random person to work as a maid in your house. Hiring an in-house maid is something you should do with care. First of all, you have to make sure that the person is trustworthy, because you often will leave her alone in the house and probably with your kids too. Then you also need to make sure that the person is capable enough to do all the work.

Now it won't be so easy for you to find a maid with that kind of quality on your own, the best way is to hire one from a maid agency Malaysia. A maid agency will make the hiring process much simpler for you. They will do the background check to make sure the person is trustworthy, and they will also make that all the maids in their list are capable of doing all kinds of household chores.

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