Filipino Maid

Useful Tips for Hiring a Filipino Maid

While hiring for a Filipino maid here are certain things you need to look out for.

Choose a reputable agency

You may found numerous agencies providing all sorts of maid, but you must be clever enough to stick to the one having high credential in the market. These agencies are worthy of trust and time and supply your family with the exact helper you want.

You may also take your pick based on recommendation of your family member and friends. The website of Malaysia Ministry of Manpower (MoM) provides you with the full details with the list of prestigious maid agencies.

Be precise with your requirements and conditions

When you are out in finding the right maid for the right work, it is better to be accurate about the job role you are looking for. If the task involves only baby care, the agency will find someone who is experienced and skilled in nursing and looking after a child. If the family demands for cleaning, cooking and other household chores, the agency sends someone who has the flair to cook different cuisine and capable to carry out other task.

Based on your requirement the agency takes the responsibility to provide you with a domestic worker having equal strengths and abilities in the particular area.

The process of Interview

Interviewing is a delicate process, probably the most important one. When you are about to appoint someone for daily chores in your Malaysia family, you should be able to trust the person. During this process, question them about their family and background.

If that does not check for your maid's identification, photographs, personal details, whereabouts and other relevant documents to be sure before hiring. If hired from an agency, the Filipino maids are genuine, hardworking and efficient enough to win your trust.

Check for professional experience

Your domestic worker having appropriate work experience in the related field will add an extra bonus to your demand. Their experience will further help you to trust and rely on them with your daily work. Some agencies take the chance of training the newcomers in the suitable field to gather practice and knowledge before they are sent forth to their work. With proper development, learning and past experiences the domestic workers end up in giving convenient and satisfying result.


Filipino maids are more or less multilingual. They speak in Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog (among their own community) and English with a Filipino accent. When communication becomes easier, you can direct your maid with the language you know.

If you lack knowledge and grip in Cantonese or Mandarin, choose someone who can speak and understand English, as it is usually considered as a second language.