Indonesian Maid

3 Things You Need to Know About Hiring Indonesian Maids

If you are about a hire an Indonesian maid, it is important to select the right agency, who can match up with your requirements. The Indon maid agency has been set up in numerous places serving domestic workers to every household. Though hiring maid sounds very easy and natural, but there are pretty important factors that prevail in this process. The points below will shower light on 3 crucial things that one needs to know before hiring them.

The Interview

When you have decided to hire domestic help, the easiest solution is to look for agencies to provide you potential servant. Interviewing is a delicate process, probably the most important one. The questions you ask to your help may end in their selection or rejection. When you are about to appoint someone for daily chores in your family, trust and comfort counts. You should be familiar with your maid’s identification and personal details, family and whereabouts. You may take a look at the identity card and other relevant documents to make sure about them. Their experiences and the references of previous employers will further authenticate the service of the workers.

Next, you must look for that special need that you are hiring your maid for. Basically people look for someone who is skilled in every domestic work from cooking, cleaning, washing to looking after kids. If hired from an agency, the Indonesian maids are trained and efficient enough to carry any of the household tasks without leaving you disappointed.

Salaries and Holidays

According to Ministry of Manpower (MoM), every domestic helper has the right to receive one day week-off. However, if she chooses to work, she must be paid accordingly for her work. Basically, Sunday is chose for the day off by the employer, but it is not mandatory.

The MoM also grants the permission to send your indonesian maid to home or vacation for two weeks every year. The salary should be discussed beforehand and it may include food allowances, transportation costs, medical expenses and overtime. The future raise in salary, holiday bonuses and the extras you would pay must be decided prior to their service and agreed upon by the maid.

Medical Care

When it comes to medical care, it is common for the employer to cover up all the medical bills if your worker is seriously ill. It is necessary for all the employers to plan an annual budget for the expenses to be made for your domestic help, and if the reimbursement exceeds your limit it lies completely with the discretion of the employer if he/she wants to cover the extra costs. However, it is not obligatory to meet up the medical expenses of their family members.