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How HouseMaidAgency Becomes the Leading Maid Agency in Kuantan

HouseMaidAgency is one of the best maid agencies in Kuantan, supplying trained and skilled maid to almost every house and foreign workers to different sectors of Malaysia. Being in this industry for more than 10 years, HouseMaidAgency take pride in providing services to individuals and families according to their requirements and preference.

Why choose HouseMaidAgency As Your Kuantan Maid Agency?

  • This maid agency prepares a training course in Malaysia and the maids are free to participate in the programme.
  • The domestic helpers are trained and taught over different linguistics, Chinese cuisine, household chores and childcare.
  • The house arranges instructors and experienced workers to give practical session to the one who are new in this job role.
  • They held a personal interview session knowing the strengths and abilities of the helpers. 
  • The agency takes every customer seriously and tries to meet up their every demand and condition.
  • Beside well-trained, the domestic workers they provide are trustworthy, genuine, dedicated, friendly and hardworking.
  • They maintain a cordial and healthy relationship with each customer and are responsive to their every query.

This social enterprise provides an efficient and satisfying service to all. Before putting their actions in front, they look for proper identification and relevant documents while hiring a maid. The domestic workers are required to provide photographs, identity cards, marriage certificate if any, and information holding monthly income and tax payment. Certificate of children below aged 15 and original bills for electricity and telephone are essential.

When applied to this Kuantan maid agency for the employment, the house takes the full responsibility of the maids including medical checkup before and after arrival, visa fees, air-ticket, and pick up from airport, free training and even free accommodation for the first three nights.

During the training process, the agency takes special interest in creating an environment where workers can receive particular instruction on the household matters that will make them capable and professional competent. Certified to be the top rated maid agency in Kuantan, HouseMaidAgency takes crucial steps while appointing a maid in their agency as well as look into every specified detail of their clients while supplying maid to the families.

The domestic helpers are sent to the houses after having a brief knowledge about their talent and potentiality. If a family asks for a cooking maid, the first and foremost choice of the agency is to look for someone who has the strength in the particular field. If the need is for nursing and childcare, the maid should be brilliantly familiar with such activities.

HouseMaidAgency is the quick and easy resolution to every household duty. The prices are reasonable and the services are of high quality. We match the right person for the right task, prioritizing the customer’s satisfaction and benefit.